Aerotek Aviation has changed the world of homebuilt Bush Flying. In collaboration with Murphy Aircraft, Aerotek is proud to introduce the AEROTEK T-MOOSE. Powered by a 450 SHP PRATT & WHITNEY PT6-20. The performance of this float equipped T-Moose can only be described as astounding.


  • 155 mph (on floats!)
  • 4.15 hours range (660 sm)
  • 3000 fpm climb
  • reverse capability

All this and more!

Technical Data

T-MOOSE on Wipline 4000 amphibious:

  • Horsepower: 450 SHP
  • Empty weight on Wheels : 2040 lbs!!!
  • Cruise speed: 155 mph at reduce power on floats!!! (Smoking on wheels!!!)
  • Burn in cruise: 32 gallons/hour.
  • Range with 35 minutes reserve: 4.15 hours or 660 miles.
  • Climb rate: Over 3000 fpm !!!

Airframe modifications:

  • Tail reinforcement.
  • Cargo compartment extension.
  • Firewall reinforcement (braced to airframe) and modified for PT6 engine mount and cowling.
  • V-Bar upgrade to ¾” and braced to engine mount.
  • Pilot and co-pilot door frame reinforced.
  • Wings fuel tanks extended to 160 gallons US and venting system added.
  • 5 Gallons header tank in airframe vented with wings fuel tanks.

PT6-20 Pratt & Whitney turbine (T74-CP700 military version)

  • 550 SHP de-rated to 450 SHP for only 286 pounds!!!
  • Fresh hot section overhauled by certified FAA maintenance shop.
  • 32 Gallons/hour below 10 000 feet.
  • Basic engine have 7000 hours TT (3000-3500 hours since major overhaul.) and are operated to 12 000 hours on condition by operators.

PT6 winner?

The PT6 is the best known turbine on the market (King-Air 90) for it’s reliability and
low operating cost.

The PT6 gives you great performance and reliability for the same cost per mile !
Years of trouble free operation.

  • No more airframe stress induced by engine vibration!
  • No more cold start problems.
  • No more messy oil leaks.
  • Easy operation!
  • Easy parking at the dock and very short landing with REVERSE !