NEW 850 SHP Evolution Firewall Foward Package

  • New Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A (850SHP).
    Call for 2012 pricing
  • 0 time Overhauled PT6A-42 or Serviceable continuous time engine.
    Call for availability and Pricing.
  • New 850 SHP Firewall forward package for the Evolution. (MT 4 Bladed prop required).
    Call for 2012 Pricing

The Evolution was originally designed for a TAS of 338 KTAS @ FL250. Current aircraft are realizing cruise speeds of 308 KTAS. In collaboration with the original Program Manager of the aircraft, Aerotek Aviation has decided to improve this already excellent aircraft design.

The cowling and installation package (firewall forward) required re-design in order to meet P&W installation recommendations. We are utilizing the 850 SHP (1080 THP) PT6A engine (-41, - 42 from the popular Beechcraft king-Air 200). This allows the engine to maintain 550 SHP up to FL250 as intended in the original design. The extra horsepower coupled with better fuel specifics at altitude allow the pilot to cruise much closer to the intended design cruise speed. In addition, cruise speeds comparable to PT6A-135A powered Evolutions can be achieved with a reduction in fuel flow due to the -41/-42 better power section. The new firewall forward package includes:

1. New Cowling Design

  • Lower drag
  • Improved air intake efficiency
  • Heated intake lip for icing condition
  • Improved overall aircraft aesthetics

2. New Engine Baffling Design (Plenum)

  • As per P&W PT6A installation manual
  • Including the inertial separator and ice bypass door
  • Easy maintenance and inspection (clear view of all engine with cowling removed)
  • Foreign object damage screen

3. Increased performance

  • The PT6A-41, -42 engines (850 SHP) will be flat-rated to 550 SHP for max take-off power as per aircraft manufacturer recommendations, but will maintain its power at higher altitude than the -135A. Producing speeds of 329 KTAS at FL250.

First PT6A-42 Evolution is now flying